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Complete Guide to Transferring Your Videotapes to DVD or Thumb Drive?

So you have a box of videotapes sitting in the closet. Video Doc Productions is your local source for transfer your videotapes to DVD

You have been saving them for years and hope to show them again. Did you know time is your enemy? Videotapes were only meant to last 5-10 years. Are your videotapes older than that? Time to transfer your videotapes to DVD.

Digitize your videotapes

You need to have those valuable home video tapes converted to DVD before it's too late! See those specks inside the tape reel? Those are someone's family memories gone forever!

Should you convert them to DVD or a Thumb Drive (USB Drive). Will DVDs be around 20 years from now?

Well that is the $64,000 question everyone asks me. I don't know what is coming in 20 years, but I do know that DVDs are the best way to preserve and save your video tapes now, before they deteriorate.

When VHS was invented, it was only intended to last for 10 years. I'll bet you have a bunch of VHS tapes that are older than 10 years, right?

Transfer video tapes to USB or DVD

If you value those VHS, 8mm and Hi-8 videotapes, you need to save them on DVD today before it's too late! DVDs will capture the video as it is right now, so it won't deteriorate any further.

Make sure you get at least one additional copy of the DVD. If as DVDS becomes severely scratched or broken, then those memories are lost forever as well. A back-Up copy is a small investment to protect your family home videos for generations to enjoy!

Contact Video Doc Productions today to discuss your video tapes. 352-728-0602 or email us via our website contact page. - Bryan


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