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Newer hard drive and HD Camcorders can record multiple hours of video on their hard drive, digital media cards or flash memory.  You will still need to transfer that video to a DVD in order to watch them on TV and free-up additional recording space. 


All work done in our Leesburg, FL office and Is never sent out. From Mount Dora to The Villages, we are Lake County’s #1 Video Transfer Service! Each camcorder video is transferred directly to DVD as is. No enhancements are added (that would require editing). We will try to fill-up a 2 hour DVD with the video you submit on your camcorder. If you have more than 2 hours on the hard drive or flash memory, we will try to fill-up as many DVDs as possible. The basic title information is added to the printed face of the completed DVD.You can choose from one chapter-2 hour DVD, or have the DVD broken up into 2-one hour DVD chapters if you choose.


Please bring us all you camcorder cables, both power and any transfer cables.  Some camcorders have very specific cables required to transfer the video. Video Doc will transfer all the video to DVD.  Once you take the DVDs home and verify the video is good, you can then  delete the old video to free-up space.  


We do not delete the video on the camera! You must verify that 
the new DVD is good, then I suggest deleting the video off the 
camcorder for space.


2 hours of video can be recorded to a DVD.  Some HD Camcorders 
have a larger file size, so only 1 hour can be recorded.


If you want all 2 hours converted to a DVD or break it up into 2 - one hour chapters, Video Doc Productions can do that for you.

We can add more chapters for you for a small additional fee.

Request your FREE quote today. 

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