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Need backup copies of a CD-Rom, Music CD, Data CD or DVD?

If you need to copy a DVD or CD and you need it right away, we can help.  Whether you need 1 copy, 5 copies, 100 or more, we offer fast service and can complete some projects within 24 hours.

We print directly on special inkjet printable CD and DVD discs. Did you know that you can make a DVD or CD unreadable to players by writing on it with a magic marker?  Magic markers have been known to "eat" through the layers of a DVD or CD making them unreadable. Tip #2: Also never put any type of label on your discs. They will make the disc spin slower and get jammed inside your CD player of DVD player.

Video Doc Productions can easily copy and make backup copies of your important CD and DVD discs. Drop off your CD, tell us how many copies you need and in just a day or two, you will have multiple copies of your CD or DVD disc.

It is always good practice to make backup copies of your important CDs and DVDs.

Discs can become scratched or broken if not cared for properly.


Video Doc Productions will also print the basic content information on the face of the CD. It is best to keep it short and simple such as "Tom Singing Karaoke 2001".

Contact Video Doc Productions to discuss your next CD/DVD duplication project.

Video Doc Productions serves Leesburg, Mt Dora to The Villages and Ocala, Florida. We are your go-to "place that burn cds for you".

Backup copies and duplication jobs usually take about 1-2 days turnaround time for orders under 40 copies.

CD Backup copies and duplications
LP Records and Cassettes copid to CD
custom printing directly on cd
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