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You take your cell phone with you everywhere. It's now your main camera. No need to carry a large digital camera any longer. Just snap a picture with your cell phone. Video Doc Productions can save your pictures and videos as well as voicemail messages from your cell phone.


It is a good practice to backup your photos on a CD. Cloud services are OK, but what if they crash or go out of business? If your photos are on a CD-Rom, you have full control of them and no worries on who is using them in the cloud.


Let Video Doc Productions transfer your photos and videos from your cell phone to a CD-Rom before you get a new cell phone. What would you do if you lost those awesome vacation photos from last year?  A family member's birthday party pictures and that ​first child pictures? Better off safe by having them copied and transferred to a CD-rom today.


Stop in and let us look at your phone. Most iPhones or android phones can be transferred with our cables and equipment. Some other brands of phones may require your specific cable to transfer the files and images.


Voice mails can also be transferred to CD. 


Call Video Doc Productions to discuss your next cell phone image transfer today. 352-728-0602


Save your photos, selfies and videos
Preserve or cell phone imags to CD
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