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For websites, social media, TV Commercials.


These are Videos that are created about you, and/or your product or services. Patient testimonials, satisfied customers, how-to videos, and showcasing your company's products. Youtube videos are great for your website too. Need a website ask us! We also do Facebook marketing for small businesses.


Video Doc will come to your location, and videotape what you want to present on YouTube.  Then we edit and produce the video with professional-looking graphics and keep all the best parts.


Video Doc Productions can take videos that you currently have or we can shoot new ones for you.  Our professional editing will make the video just the way you want it to look and to be presented to the public.


Recently we just produced a few videos for Fire Rock Pizza in Downtown Leesburg, Weightloss with Vickie Griffith, Oak Alley RV Resort in Webster Florida, Recreation Plantation RV Park, Kelsey's Oil and Car Wash, Florida Cardiology and more.

Video Doc can now tape you in front of our new "Green Screen" system and place you over any background or image.

Contact Video Doc Productions to discuss your project ideas. Video Doc is "Your Technology Resource Center"

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