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Quote: "I recently had a custom CD made of favorite songs, which I am thoroughly enjoying. In fact, I have now requested two additional CDs to be made of more songs. I was unable to get these CDS made anywhere else. Thanks for providing this invaluable service to me."

- Mary W. March, 2019

LP records converted to CD, audio cassettes converted to CD, Reel to Reel tapes converted to CD; Cell phone voice mails to CD;  CDs converted to flash drives for new cars, audio editing production services.

Audio converted to Flash Drive

*NEW* Radio Production, Radio Commercials Produced, Audio for Offices. NOW! Transfer all your audio CDs to MP3 Player on an flash drive for your new car.

Audio tape was not meant to last forever. LP Records will last longer than tape, but can become scratchy from dust and dirt build-up over the years of storage.


You can now enjoy listening to your favorite music again on CD or a portable device such as an iPod or MP3 player. Once they are on a  CD, you can then listen to them in your vehicle. 

Traveling up and down the roads of Central Florida listening to your favorite music again! Most new cars do not have a CD player in them any longer. We can convert your CD music to flash drive to play in your car stereo.


Whether it is transferring sound from an old format to a CD or taking video/sound files from your cell phone or i-pad, Video Doc Productions ​is your "Technology Resource Center".


Contact Video Doc Productions today to discuss your next audio project.

Video Doc Office



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