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Video Doc Productions will copy audio cassettes to CD. Now offering audio copied to thumb drives for use in new car stereos.


Listen to those favorite mix tapes again. Listen to the oldies while in your car or on your mobile device. We use a professional, high-quality tape deck to ensure the best quality transfer. 


By transferring your audio cassettes to CD, you will be preserving them for the future. Time is your enemy when it comes to analog tapes (both video and audio).


The magnetic signal will lose quality over time and amount of times you played the tape. The magnetic particles slowly lose contact with the plastic backing tape.


All work is done in-house and never sent out. You get one-on-one service. Never any mass production.  Each project is done by itself, one at a time, so you get the best recording possible.

Each cassette is recorded into a computer system, volume adjusted, and then each track is separated.  

​A maximum of 78 minutes can be recorded to a CD. If your audio cassettes are longer than 78 minutes, they will have to be split-up Into 
2 separate CD’s*. Thumb drives are limited to the capacity of the thumb drive (usually 50-300 songs depending on the size of the thumb drive.)

The name of the cassette or subject matter is printed on the

face of the CD and placed in a plastic case.

Tapes can be combined but are charged individually. There is no extra or hidden cost. All of our CD's are high quality professional audio CD’s.

Video Doc Productions does not store any files on site longer than 60 days.We suggest getting additional CD Copies made with your order as a back-up.

At Video Doc Productions, each order is done with complete care. Scratch this one job off your "to-do list”!

Do you have LP Records, Reel-to-Reel tapes, Voice Mails?

We can convert them to CD as well. Video Doc Productions has been in the Audio/Video Business for over 30 years!


Contact Video Doc Productions to discuss your next cassette-to-CD service.

How to easily convert cassette tape to CD compact disk in Central Florida?  Call Bryan at Video Doc Productions to discuss your project 352-728-0602 or Text Us Anytime  407-982-3176

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