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As a video professional, I understand the importance of preserving Home videos for future generations to enjoy. Here are some key steps to help you preserve your home videos:

  1. Gather and Organize: Begin by gathering all your home videos from various formats like VHS tapes, camcorder tapes, or even old film reels. Organize them chronologically or by event, making it easier to work with.

  2. Assess the Condition: Inspect each video to determine their condition. Look for any signs of physical damage, such as mold, decay, or scratches. If you notice any issues, consider seeking professional assistance to repair or restore the damaged videos.

  3. Choose a Preservation Method: There are several ways to preserve home videos:

    a. Digitization: Convert your analog tapes or film reels into digital formats. Invest in a good-quality video capture device or consider hiring a professional digitization service. This process ensures longevity and ease of access to your videos.

    b. Cloud Storage: Upload your digitized videos to a secure cloud storage service. This provides a backup and allows you to access your videos from anywhere with an internet connection.

    c. Physical Storage: Keep your original tapes or film reels in a cool, dry, and stable environment. Store them in acid-free containers or archival boxes to prevent degradation. Additionally, make copies of your digitized videos and store them in separate physical locations for added security.

  4. Edit and Enhance: Once your videos are digitized, you can edit and enhance them using video editing software. Remove unnecessary sections, improve audio quality, and add titles or captions to make them more engaging.

  5. Backup Regularly: Digital files are susceptible to loss or corruption. Establish a backup system for your video files, whether it's an external hard drive, network-attached storage (NAS), or another cloud storage provider. Regularly create duplicate copies to ensure redundancy.

  6. Maintain Format Compatibility: As technology evolves, file formats may become obsolete. Periodically check the compatibility of your video files with current playback devices and software. Convert them to newer formats if necessary to ensure long-term accessibility.

  7. Share and Enjoy: Finally, share your preserved home videos with family and friends. Create compilations or montages, and consider hosting private screenings or sharing them online. This way, the memories captured in your home videos can be cherished and enjoyed by everyone.

Remember, the preservation of home videos requires time, effort, and attention to detail. By following these steps, you can ensure that your cherished memories remain safe and accessible for years to come. Time is your enemy! If you wait to long, your videotapes will deterriorate and no longer play!

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VHS Video Tapes will not last forever
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Camcorder Videotapes

You and your family can watch your home videos over and over again without the worry of losing them or having them deteriorate. Pop in a DVD and relive those memories. Worried about a fire, flood, or hurricane?  DVDs can get wet and still play those memories again! Now, you can even watch your home videos again on a Smart TV! Ask about adding an MP4 SSD Hard Drive to your order.

Videotape, VHS, and 8mm movie film transfer to DVD services. All consumer video formats are converted to DVD or MP4 Video files.

Q? How do I watch my video tapes again?
Video Doc Productions and Audio-Video of The Villages FL will transfer and copy your video tapes, VHS, 8mm, and more formats to DVD or MP4 Flash drive.
Recently, we copied a video for an Actress living in the Villages, Ms. Jeri Lynne Fraser.  She appeared on the Art Linkletter TV show. Ms. Fraser allowed us to archive her video on DVD as well as publish it on YouTube for her. You can watch it too and see who introduces her to the TV audience.

Q? Are my home videos at risk of fading away?
Yes, your family home videos are at risk of not playing any longer! VHS tapes will fade over time and eventually lose all of their magnetic signals.

Q? Will DVDs last a lot longer than tape?
Yes, DVDs, if kept correctly, DVDs will last over 100 years.
Copy your video tapes and camcorder tapes to a DVD to protect and preserve them. A new way to preserve your video tapes is to have them digitized to MP4 video files and stored on our new SSD Hard Drive. You can add to that SSD Hard drive anytime you find another video you want to be digitized. You can then watch the videotapes on a computer, laptop, tablet, or smart TV.
Q? Why put our video tapes on DVD?
DVDs will capture the video as it is right now, preserving the video from deteriorating any further. The longer you wait, the greater damage you could be doing to your family memories. Preserve them on a digital format at Video Doc Productions, today. 
Q? Why can't I keep my videos the way they are now?
Learn why videotape will not last forever. The magnetic particles are stuck to a plastic backing. As you play a tape that has been sitting in a closet for 10-plus years, the magnetic particles become dry and fall off, thus losing those family memories forever!
Preserve your family videos today at Video Doc Productions. Just 10 minutes south of The Villages on Highway 441 South at Citizens Blvd. Click here for directions. Call 352-728-0602 to schedule an appointment to save your family videos today! 

Read more about video tape deterioration and how to preserve your videos. 

Preserve your home movie film reels by preserving them on DVD that can be played on your home DVD player or on your computer with a Flash Drive as an MP4 video file.

Testimonial: Jill Ann H. · Plymouth Meeting, PA 
One of the best gifts you can give your adult kids is to have the old VHS tapes you took of them when they were toddlers/children, and have them transferred to DVD. We’ve really been enjoying them. 

Kennethl C. — 5 star  November 14, 2017 · 
I had a lot of VHS I wanted to transfer to DVD. Brian at Video Doc did a great job they came out great and he had them done in no time. Id recommend them to anyone. Thanks Brian. Those tapes were very important to us. 5 stars

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