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Slides to DVD transfer all done locally in The Villages, Leesburg, Lake County, Florida. Video Doc Productions will digitally scan slides and create a slideshow on DVD or burn on a CD-Rom or flash drive for computer use.


All work is done in-house and never sent out.


Standard 35mm Slides, Mini-Slides, Large Format Slides, 3D Stereo Slides.

All slide orders have a minimum of $25 All slides must be out of carousals and metal frames*. (* additional labor charges may apply)

What You Get:

- Each slide high quality resolution suitable for printing and saved as a JPEG file.

- Basic Color Correction is added to each slide

- NO dust/dirt removal - Additional charges may apply.

- You may choose to have each slide “cleaned-up” by having any dust-dirt-scratches removed. There is an extra charge due to time.

Standard 35mm Slides in Cardboard Frames will be ​scanned to JPEG and saved to CD or DVD.

Slides to DVD, Scanned, The Villages, FL

If you have your slides in standard 80-160,carousels, Please remove them from the tray and number them sequentially.

Slides to DVD, The Villages, FL
Keychain slide viewer images scanned, printed, DVD
Slide scan sample

How to Prepare Your Slides

1) You MUST number them in the upper right corner, as you look at the slide so we know which way is correct.

2) All slides MUST be taken out of any slide trays/carousals.

3) Metal frame slides must be removed from the metal jacket holding each slide. If not, additional $2.00 per slide
     for the labor to remove each slide.

4) Please band slides in packs of 30-50 if possible for organization or put in baggies.

5) Please review slides ahead of time.  We will scan and charge for each slide ​ submitted regardless of content.

F. A. Q.

Q1) What is the difference between a DVD Slide show and a CD-Rom?

- A DVD slide show will play on your DVD player on your TV with music and special effects*.
- A CD-Rom, has individual slide images saved as a JPEG File.  You have to use a computer to view each slide and change them manually yourself.

- CD-Rom will not have music or special effects.
- A CD-Rom is just a storage device.


Q2) How many images can I fit on a 2-hour DVD?

       Approximately 500 - 800 images appearing on screen for 10 seconds each. 


Q3) What will I get back?When your transfer is completed, all of your slides will be returned along with any boxes

        in which they were stored. Your transfer will be on a DVD-R for slide shows and a CD-Rom disc for JPEG Files.


Q4) Can I have extra titles through out my transfer?

        Yes, keep the titles short and easy to read. We suggest only 4 lines of text.


Q5) Can I have extra copies made for my family?

       Yes. Additional copies can be made when we produce the disc or anytime after.


Q6) Will my DVD play on my DVD player?

        DVD-R disks are the most compatible DVD available. Not all DVD players will play these new type of discs. Your DVD player MUST be compatible with DVD-R. 99% of DVD players manufactured in the past two years will play your DVD transfer. Please check your DVD player manual for compatibility or contact the manufacturer. Older DVD players and cheaper DVDs may not play these type of discs.

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