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What We Can Digitize:

Camcorder video tapes should be copied and saved on DVD just like any other video tape. All camcorder video tapes will eventually lose their signal. Don't take a chance of losing those family memories. You tape recorded those family memories, so don't lose them to time!  Transfer those tape memories to DVD today!

Stop allowing the environment and science ruin your family home videos. I always say, "It's not a sales pitch.,'s science!"  Call 352-728-0602 or text us at 407-982-3176 to make an appointment to have your videos preserved today on DVD at Video Doc Productions. Just 10 minutes south of The Villages near the split of Highway 27 and 441 South.

Steve D. Mar 1, 2018 

Bryan, We have been enjoying our old family videos that you preserved for us to DVD!  We appreciate your work from down there in sunny Florida.
Thanks, Steve D. & Family, Pittsburgh, PA

Convert old meda to new mediasuch as DVDs

Video Doc Productions is your specialist to digitize camcorder videotape service, turn home videos into DVDs, video conversion service and transfer old home movies to DVD.  DVDs will last a lot longer than tape. DVDs will capture the video as it is right now, preserving the video from deteriorating any further. The longer you wait, the greater damage you could be doing to your family memories. 

Videotape will not last forever! The magnetic particles are stuck to a plastic backing. As you play a tape that has been sitting in a closet for 10 plus years, the magnetic particles become dry and fall off, thusly losing those family memories forever! Text us for faster information at 407-982-3176

Save your family videos today at Video Doc Productions. Just 10 minutes South of The Villages on Highway 441 South at Citizens Blvd. Click here for directions.  From The Villages, to Mt Dora, Video Doc Productions is your Video Conversion Services Specialist. One on One Service, every time.

Read about tape deterioration and how to save your videos on our technology blog.

Camcorder Videotapes to MP4 Video File on Flash Drive
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