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Recently, we had one customer bring in his films that were close to 50 years old. He was just sick when we have to throw an entire 400 foot film reel in the trash!  It had become one solid brick of plastic. The film had melted due to heat, humidity and the developing chemicals eating away at the plastic film for over 50 years! Don't let this happen to your films!!


Contact Video Doc Productions today to schedule an appointment to have your family films preserved before it's too late!

Video Doc Productions has over 30 years of experience in digitizing old home movie films. You can save it to DVD, as an MP4 video file on a flash drive or save them on our new Solid State Hard Drive system. You can plug the SSD drive into a smart TV, Tablet, Cell Phone or watch it on a computer. Take it with you and show family and friends on their TVs!

Call 352-728-0602 or contact us via this website. Click here for printable directions from I-75 area, The Villages/Ocala, Mt Dora, Tavares or Eustis areas.

Transfer 8mm film to DVDHome Movies, 8mm, Regular-8 and 16mm Film transferred to DVD.

Photo Restoration, Negatives scanned and reprinted, Slides Scanned, Viewmaster Slides, Slides Reprinted and Slide Show DVDs made.

Odd film sizes reprinted:

View master and amusement park viewers. If it is a viewable image, Video Doc can reprint it for you or save it as a digital image on a CD or Flash Drive.

Home movie film (8mm & 16mm) transfer to DVD

8mm, Super 8 and 16mm home movie film transferred to DVD or USB drive as an mp4 file. 


Each DVD will hold about 1600 feet, and turn around time is 3-4 weeks.  The minimum order for 8mm and 16mm film transfers is $35.00.

TIP:  3" reels hold 50 feet,  5" reels hold 200 feet,  6" reels hold 300 feet,  and a 7" reel holds 400 feet of film.

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1.Just type in Video Doc Productions in any maps app on your phone and we should come up

2. Click here to go to Google Maps

Home Movie Films

Home movie film transferred and copied to DVD locally.

Archive old photographs and pictures to digital

Digitize old family pictures for generations to enjoy in the future.

Family home movie film copied to DVD

Historical Films

Home movie films when celebrities came to your hometown.

Odd film formats converted

Digitize odd film formats such as viewmaster and amusement park photo keychains

Slides scanned and preserved on Digital

Slides, negatives, film scanned reprinted and used in a DVD slide show.

Digital photos from Cell Phones

Digital photos converted and preserved. Used for reprints, printing and DVDs.

Home movie film transfer to DVD

Preserve and save your family home movies (8mm, Regular-8 and 16mm film)

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