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Digitize your family photos on a CD/DVD-Rom or Flash Drive with Video Doc Digital, a Professional Scanning Service in Leesburg, FL.

Bring us a box of photos and we will give you a CD or Flash Drive with your pictures in digital format! They will be large enough to print, and use in email, or even Facebook! 

Are you the keeper of the family photographs?  Have you moved that box or bag of photos more than you have actually viewed them?

Have each photo digitally scanned as a JPEG file. Each photo can be organized by your own classification. Video Doc Digital will also scan the back side of each photo, if requested. This is a great way to document and save who is who in each picture. Just ask to have "Both Sides" scanned when you place your order.

Group your photos by year, by family member, by holiday or any combination of your choice. We suggest grouping the photos in plastic baggies with a post-it-note with the title on it. We will scan each photo as is, without any photo touch-up or restoration. That can be done for an additional fee by clicking here. Our scanning service can digitize photos from a wallet to 8x10. Larger photos can be digitized but has to be done on our flatbed scanner at $1.75 per image.

What you get:

JPEG File Format PC & Mac Compatible

- Photos with Content or Writing on Back-Sides Scanned (No Additional Fee)

Each photo is scanned at 300 dpi suitable for printing. 

- Photos grouped in file folders in the digital file for better organizing


Let our Video Doc Digital team help preserve print photographs and 35MM slides to digital using the best technology in the business. Read more about our slide digitizing service here.

Interested in making a DVD photo slideshow from your pictures? Check out photo DVD slideshow production service. This is where we edit together music of your choice and your photos for an automated slide show. Each picture will be on screen for a few seconds and then transition into the next photo. 

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