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Bryan has over 25 years Broadcast Television and Video Production experience.

Bryan started Video Doc Productions in 1991 to videotape businesses for insurance purposes. The original name came from Video Documentation Services, and thus Video Doc Productions was created. Video Doc evolved into a very successful wedding video business in the 1990's.
Word of mouth spread of our quality service so much  that Video Doc produced 52 weddings in one year alone! After a very successful career videotaping and producing weddings, Bryan decided to take the business full time in 1998. 
Prior to this, Bryan was a Videographer / Producer / Director for several TV stations in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area.  Bryan has been in the video production business since graduating from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in 1987. The business has evolved into a trusted source for audio-video & technology resource center. 
From training executives on how to talk to the media and control their message; crisis communication training;  producing TV commercials; corporate training videos; product demo videos; developing a video playback system for the Big Mac Museum outside of Pittsburgh, PA.
Video Doc Productions has been trusted to work for Fortune 100 companies in the Pittsburgh and now the Leesburg, FL, area as well as consumers that have a need for reasonable professional video services. From that famous place with golden arches to the ketchup that you put on their fries, Bryan has been there for them, and has done work for them.

Are you next?

Contact Video Doc Productions and Video Doc Digital for your next home video project or corporate marketing project.

VIDEO Doc Productions Experience
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