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Our new Green Screen System will allow us to videotape you in our studio or at your office and place you over any background, video or image. The outside of you building, on the floor of a noisy production area, in the woods or on top of a building. The possibilities are endless.

This is how weathercasters show you maps during the TV News.

We can take photo of your office, business, product or image and record a video to be used
on your website, social media, marketing or YouTube video.

Chroma keying, is a special effects / post-production technique for compositing (layering) two images or video streams together based on color hues (chroma range). The technique has been used heavily in many fields to remove a background from the subject of a photo or video – particularly the newscastingmotion picture industries. A color range in the foreground footage is made transparent, allowing separately filmed background footage or a static image to be inserted into the scene. The chroma keying technique is commonly used in video production and post-production.  (Excerpt taken from WikiPedia)

Put our 25+ years of TV Production experience to work for you.

Call us today 352-728-0602 to discuss your next project and how Video Doc can help your company or business.

Green Screen Video Recording & Edit

Green Screen Video Editing with Final Cut Pro, Professional Video Editing Software

Green Screen for Videos and Photos

Green Screen System for Videos anywhere

Video Demos via Green Screen

Keying in any background for the green-screen system

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