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Cell phone cameras are fun and convenient and often provide the opportunity to snap a photo when you otherwise would not have had a camera at hand. Sometimes, these photos are worth keeping and sharing, in which case you might want to back them up to a compact disc.

Video Doc Productions will transfer your digital photos to an archival

DVD or CD-Rom.  

You can also choose to have your digital images saved on:

- a Flash Drive.

- SD Cards

- Flash Memory Cards

- Cell Phones

- Micro-SD Cards and more.


Bring us your digital photos from cell phones, cameras, iPads and hard drives to be converted and saved on CD or DVD-Rom.


Once your digital images have been submitted to Video Doc, we can then make you a customized slide show using your digital images.

Birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings or any special occasion can be used to make a custom musical photo tribute slide show.


Contact Video Doc Productions to discuss your next digital photo project.



Girls taking a photo selfie with a cell phone
Woma taing a picture ith digital camera
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