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Negatives, Slides, View-Master reels all can now be digitized, color corrected, reprinted or used in a DVD slideshow.

Digitizing your old family photo negatives offers a multitude of benefits that go beyond preserving cherished memories.


By converting these precious relics into modern digital files, you not only ensure their longevity but also open up a world of possibilities. Digital photos are easily shareable, making it effortless to connect with family members, friends, and future generations.


Moreover, your negatives they are conveniently organized, searchable, and can be backed up for added security. Embracing this digital transformation also means you can enhance and restore old photos, ensuring that the colors and details remain vivid and clear.

Film Negatives digitized
Digitize your photo negatives


Film Negatives Scanned and reprinted

Whether you want to create stunning photo albums, share memories on social media, or simply safeguard your family's history for years to come, digitizing your old photo negatives is a step that combines nostalgia with practicality. 

Each negative is digitized to get a large file size, color corrected and can even be reprinted or saved on a CD-Rom. Video Doc Productions will save and preserve your old film and negatives by transferring them to a JPEG file.

JPEG image files can be reprinted as large as 8x10 or saved on a CD-Rom. We can then take that JPEG image and make a DVD Slide Show with custom background music or some easy-listening instrumental music. You can choose to save them on a Thumb Drive/Flash Drive or even our new SSD Hard Drive System.

You can choose to have them burned on a CD or DVD-Rom to be used at a later time or simply just to archive them. You can even upload them to Facebook or email to family and friends. Call or Email us for a custom quote today!


Photo Digitizing Process:

Photos are first cleaned with compressed air. This removes any extra dust from the photos. All images are scanned numerically (e.g. Scan-001.jpg).  When scanning we only use the highest grade flat-bed photo scanners. 


After completing the scanning,  we go through each image one-by-one and make sure that it is oriented properly, adjust the colors (if possible) and then take out any major remaining dust or scratches.Once all the photos have been scanned and inspected, they will be burned to a CD-Rom or a DVD-Rom. These disks are regarded as the best mediumfor long-term storage.

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