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You use your cell phone more than you camera. Now what? How to get those photos and video onto something to watch again? Easy.Bring them to Video Doc Productions to be saved on CD/DVD-Rom or flash drive..


Vacations, grandchildren, court cases, witness statements, personal photos, personal videos copied from Android phones, iPhones and tablet devices.  Recently we assisted a family with a statement from a witness to the accidental death of their daughter. They had the witness statement on their cell phone and we transferred it to a DVD for them to use in court.

A Senior from The Villages went on a cruise and took photos the wrong direction with her iPad. Video Doc Productions was able to take them off her iPad, transfer them to our computer system, correct the orientation and then burn a DVD copy for her friends to enjoy on a big-screen TV.

Video Doc Productions will transfer your iPad or Cell Phone images to a CD or DVD-Rom or transfer flash drives and hard drives to CD or DVD.


Ask about creating a photo tribute slideshow, with special effects and music.


Cloud storage is nice but having a physical CD or DVD-Rom is simply

piece-of-mind. ​Contact us to discuss your iPad/Cell Phone backup plan today!

Need to get the photos and videos off your phone before you get a new one? We can do that.  Need a special Voicemail saved?

Click here to find out how easy it is to save special voice-mails to CD.


Ipad and Cell Phones Backed-Up
Ipad and Cell Phones Backed-Up
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