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1. Preservation of Memories: The most compelling reason to convert VHS video tapes to digital is to preserve your precious memories. VHS tapes can deteriorate over time, and it's important to transfer them to a more stable and long-lasting format to ensure that your memories are preserved for future generations.

ALL video tapes will dry rot over time! Baby's for Christmas is just a series of magnetic particles glued to a piece of thin tape. VHS tapes were only supposed to last 10 years when they were invented. Are your tapes older than 10 years?  I'll be on it! It's science, not a sales pitch. Your old video tapes will deteriorate and no longer be viewable.

3. Easy Playback: DVDs and MP4 video files are easy to play and can be watched on most DVD players, computers, and even big-screen TVs. This makes it easy to share your videos with family and friends, without having to worry about finding an old VHS player or tape.

BONUS: Future-Proofing: By converting your old VHS tapes to DVD or MP4 Video file, you are future-proofing your videos and ensuring that they can be enjoyed for years to come.

Video Doc Productions is the number 1 source for transferring your video tapes to DVD, MP4, Flash Drives and digital Formats! Video converted to DVD will last longer than any video tape. Digital video transfer service in Central; Florida. Just minutes away from The Villages, Clermont, Mount Dora, Tavares and Groveland!

Home video tapes digitized like legacy box
VHS, 8mm Camcorder Tapes digitized
Camcorder Videotapes digitized


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Preserve your Family Videos to DVD or New MP4 Video on SSD Hard Drive

Old legacy media formats
Moldy video tapes

Save those family memories on DVD, Digital or MP4 video file today with Video Doc Productions. You get one-on-one service from Bryan, the owner and only technician! You can text us if needed 407-982-3176.

Your home videos are a collection of stories you want to save for future generations to enjoy. They won't be able to see those stories and events unless you digitize them today.

Your first child's first birthday party, the smashing of cake. Your son or daughter's graduation from kindergarten, high school graduation, first Christmas, and more. They all will be dust in the bottom of your VCR if you don't transfer and copy them to DVD today! Every single day you put it off is one day closer to being lost forever! Video deterioration is science, not a sales pitch!

Remember having a "clogged" video head on your VCR? Well, that metallic dust that is sticking to the video heads is your family videos dropping off the plastic backing tape and becoming extinct...I always say, "It's not a sales pitch.,'s science!" Call 352-728-0602 or text us at 407-982-3176 to make an appointment to have your videos digitized and preserved today. Just 10 minutes South of The Villages near the split of Highway 27 and 441 South.


Recently we've had some videos submitted that were no longer viewable. The magnetic particles became dry and stuck inside a VCR on the last playing. Don't wait too long! Don't let your video tapes or home movie film deteriorate.

We service The Villages and surrounding areas. We are just 10 minutes South of The Villages bridge at Spanish Springs. We are located in Leesburg, just 2 lights south of the split point at 27 and 441.


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Call 352-728-0602 to schedule an appointment.

Put our many years of experience to work for you from archiving videotapes to DVD to corporate media presentations. We also offer a full-service Video Production company. Videotaping meetings and events to Cable TV Commercials. 


Did you know that Bryan, used to do training videos for a big named restaurant with golden arches? Also one of the largest Ketchup makers in America which sounds like "INZE". (Sorry, not allowed to mention their name)

Text us at 407-982-3176

Don't stress over old media formats, convert them to digital
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