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Preserve your home videos on DVD

Time is your enemy! It's not a sales pitch, it's science!!

Videotapes were designed to last only 10 years. Are your videos older than 10 years old? Probably....Have your family videos digitized today at Video Doc Productions.


Videotapes become moldy before they become brittle and lose their signal.

Solution: Have your old video tapes and film reels preserved on DVD at Video Doc Productions. Here we see a videotape from the 80's with mold growing on the right side. That mold is a sign that the videotape will soon become brittle. Soon after that, the tape will lose the magnetic particles attached to it. What are those particles in the bottom of your VCR? Family memories lost forever! Never to be seen or enjoyed again by a single family member. Don't let your family videos dry rot and get lost forever!

Videotapes losing memories due to deterioration.

Just a few months ago, we had such a tape come thru. It was 2 hours long BUT we could only save 45 minutes of home videos! The rest were just magnetic particles in the bottom of the tape and my VCR. In my 25 years of doing video preservation, I have never had such a bad tape deteriorate on me like this!

If you have videotapes that have memories on them for longer than 10 years ago, please don't wait too long to preserve them on DVD. Video Doc Productions is here to help you save your family memories for future generations to enjoy! It is a time sensitive issue to transfer your video tapes to a digital format!

Please call us today at 352-728-0602 or you can now text us at 407-982-3176. Email us via our contact page.

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