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Portable Charger with Logo

Portable Charging with Branding

Monster-sized functionality that fits neatly

in the palm of your hand. With both an Apple

certified MFI Lightning tip and a micro-USB

connection, just plug in and you’re ready to go. Great for corporate gifts and holiday gifts. These can be printed with your logo on them. Contact Ultrex Printing, in Lady Lake, Florida for more information 352-205-8222

The portable and self-wrapping Kracken

comes with a built-in 1800mAh emergency

battery pack to rescue your gadget from the

depths of a dead battery emergency. Get the

flexibility to unwind, sync, and charge on the

go by releasing the multifunctional Kracken.


• 800mAh Emergency

Battery Backup

• Premium Grade Lithium

Polymer Battery

• Data Transfer Compatible

• Built-in Rapid Charge

Apple certified MFI

Lightning Cable

• Keychain Hook

• Custom Packaging

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