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Charge Card Ultra-thin card sized charger

Stay poolside all day without worrying about a recharge. This portable charger the size of a credit card is perfect poolside, at the beach, and on the go. The Charge Card is thin enough to fit in your wallet and give your phone another full battery charge. This Shark Tank winner charges both iPhone and Android phones with charging cables built-in. ChargeCard fits in your wallet and provides a 30%- 100% emergency boost when your battery dies. Carry an extra charge with you anywhere. Low Battery Ruining Your Day?
⚡The ChargeCardis a credit card sized phone charger that Fits in Your Wallet
📱Works with Apple, Android, & all other devices
🔌 Built in charging cables (USB-C, Lightning, Micro USB)
💡 Engineered with ULTRA-FAST charging technology (1.5A)
💪 Premium stainless steel design & high capacity (2300mAh)

3.3" x 2.3" x 0.18" (2.2oz) Buy it Here: Watch a video Review HERE.

Charge Card Ultra-thin card sized charger
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