Enjoy your family home movies again on DVD. 
We have found a lot of film, this year, has completely deteriorated and melted together. Several customers were sick that they lost so many family memories because they waited too long! Want to know if your film is OK or lost, read our film deterioration guide here.
Remember how long it took to setup the old family movie projector and screen?  Now you can watch those home movies again without all the fuss and setup!

It is an age old problem these days. You have old home movie films. They can't be easily played anymore because a projector bulb is burned out and can't be replaced. A DVD would play nicely on your big screen TV. If only there was a way....

Solution: Video Doc Productions specializes in film transfers to DVD of your old home movie films. Problem solved!

A DVD is much easier  to watch than setting up the old film projector and movie screen...right. Video Doc Productions will copy and transfer films to DVD. 16mm film, Super-8 film and Regular-8 film transfers. Time is your enemy and tapes may not be view-able in the future. Read more here.
Video Doc Productions specializes in converting your old home movie films, 8mm, Super-8 and 16mm Film to DVD. We do all the work here in our Leesburg, FL office.
Each film transfer job is treated like it is our own family films and done with the utmost care. We look for odors from films that indicate deterioration. Then we organize the reels in the correct order to run. Then we adjust the light and color correction as we go to give you flicker free films on DVD.
Let me ask you a simple question before we go any further. How old are your home movie films?  Film was originally designed to hold images for 10-15 years, they they tend to fade or deteriorate. Recently, we have had a bunch of film come through that was dry and stuck to the reel. We could not transfer it as it was completely melted together.
Next question: How were they stored? If they were stored in an attic or garage, we might have a problem, as heat is an enemy to old movie film.
Does your old Super 8, 8mm, or 16mm film smell like Vinegar? Does it have a white powdery substance on it?  It may be deteriorating as you read this, today!!
Don’t let your Super 8, 16mm and 8mm Films deteriorate any further! Let us transfer your Home Movies to HD video files or DVD before it’s too late! All of our film transfers are done by our local staff, here in Central Florida.
Is there a strong pungent vinegar smell coming from your basement or storage shed? If so your home movies (8mm, Super 8, and 16mm film) may be suffering from vinegar syndrome.


I recently pickup 3 - 22 year old film that you converted to a CD.  I was pleasantly surprised of the quality of the film and voices.  This was film of the last year of my husband's life.  It will make a wonderful Christmas gift to our son.


Home Movie Transfer to DVD is the best way to preserve and protect your family home movie films for future generations to enjoy.
Don't let your family's treasured home movie film memories literally fade away! Home movies have a short-shelf life because of natural deterioration and can be lost forever.
Preserve your 8mm, Super 8 and16 mm films by transferring them to a more long-lasting DVD. 
Trust the professionals at Video Doc Productions
in Leesburg, FL and The Villages, FL for your personalized family memories DVD.