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Video Doc Productions will come to your church or funeral home and videotape memorial service for you. We will discreetly set-up our camera system in the back of the church or funeral home. We will then place a wireless microphone on the podium or altar to record all the people speaking during the service.


Video Doc will work with your Funeral Home or Church Representative to be as discreet as possible. We will tape the service from the back and remain as low-key as possible.

Videotaping a memorial service is a nice way to remember all the kind words people will eulogize about your loved one. It is becoming very common to videotape memorial services.It is a very hectic and emotional time for family. Today is it all about celebrating a life and no longer a somber memorial.


Video Doc Productions has experience in tapping these services/eulogies for 

time of need. Whether it is at a funeral home, memorial garden, cemetary or at a meeting place, Video Doc Productions will memorialize the event for you with professionalism and discretion. The highest compliment we have received is "We barely knew you were there!" Please contact us via email or telephone to discuss your needs and set-up a meeting or consultation. If you have family out of town, we can discuss the memorial via email.


Once the service has been completed, we will produce a DVD for you of our high definition camera recording. An opening and closing page will be added to the beginning and ending of your completed DVD.

We also offer YouTube upload service so out of town family and friends can watch the completed service.  This usually takes 1-3 days to complete after the service for you.

We can set-up a YouTube account for you and do all the work for you, or you can give us the account information and we upload it for you.

By taping a memorial service, you don't have to watch it right away or at all, but it is nice to revisit after things have settled down and life returns to normal. ​Better to have it on DVD than not.

Quote from a past customer: "I realize when people die, the family does not have time to research a video person because they are too busy planning the funeral. I have to admit, when I found you in the phone book, you were my second phone call. The only thing I had on my mind was just getting the service taped.  I am really glad the first guy said he did not do funerals. I love all of the added touches you did with the pictures, etc."

Memorial Church Service Videotaped
Memorial Videos at Florida National Veterans Cemetary
Memorial Videos at Florida National Veterans Cemetary
Memorial videos at Graveside
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