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Speed up your home Wifi

Try adding this eeros Mesh wifi system booster first. Buy Now on Amazon.

This simple unit is easy to install and will start working within minutes of connecting the devices.

If you have a home with several floors or just a big house, this eeros mesh system will not only extend your router system but speed it up. It's like night and day! Buy Now on Amazon.

Wifi Mesh Router Booster
Speed up your home wifi with a Mesh Booster System

If you are a little more tech savvy, then the video below is for you!

Fix Your Sucky Home Wi-Fi! Why You Should Change Your Wi-Fi Control Channel. Wi-Fi that randomly cuts out or just operates super slow is both frustrating and annoying. The number one way to fix problems like this is to simply turn your Wi-Fi router off and then back on again but if your Wi-Fi is constantly having problems then you may be dealing with interference from your neighbors Wi-Fi. The good news is there's a simple way to avoid this interference by changing the Control Channel your network is broadcasting on. This video is a tutorial to help you understand why you may want to change your wireless networks Control Channel, show you how to find out what channel(s) your neighbor(s) are using and how to change the channel your router is broadcasting on allowing you to minimize, or completely eliminate, interference from other wireless networks and maximize your Wireless networks performance. Thanks for checking out the video, I hope it helps and you enjoy.


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