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CamerEye AI-powered pool camera

Pool Safety, Reinvented! The first artificial intelligence pool safety camera to gain government certification just over a month ago. Camera Eye, the Fastest Human Distress Detection for peace of mind.

Great for grandparents that have Florida pools or family back yard pools.

AI camera and pool alarm warning system can detect if a child or adult enters the pool or if someone is in distress while in the water. This is an added layer of protection to help families enjoy the summer while keeping an extra eye on your loved ones and pool guests.

You’ll mount the CamerEye AI camera above and alongside your pool while placing the AI alarm inside your home where it can be heard by a family member.

The optional subscription version allows for emergency response to be automatically called. Even though CamerEye is the first AI camera-based pool perimeter and entry alarm to be certified as a Type C device, it does replace proper supervision and pool safety.

Find out more and buy it here


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