Apple iPad Pro: Best Business Features

Apple's new iPad Pro is an amazing tablet. Boasting the biggest changes to iPad ever, the new 12.9-inch model has the largest display of any iPad, a high-performance A12X bionic chip and Face ID. All these features are packed into a device of 25 percent less volume than previous generations.

It's an impressive new piece of technology, but if you're looking for a traditional laptop experience, the iPad Pro may not be your best bet. You can purchase a keyboard attachment called the Smart Keyboard Folio for either $179 or $199 depending on the size of your new iPad Pro, but it likely won't serve as a replacement for the traditional business laptop.

While it may not be a direct replacement for a laptop, it offers some impressive business features that make it a good addition to any entrepreneur's tech arsenal. As a bigger, lighter, faster tablet, the iPad Pro is portable and ideal for commuting. It has a long battery life and built-in security features to protect your sensitive information, like Face ID. It also pairs with the second-generation Apple Pencil, which has new interactions and advanced touchpoint technology.

All these features make the new iPad Pro a good business product, but it isn't cheap. The base, 11-inch iPad Pro model starts at $799. If you want to include cellular, you'll have to pay $949. The 12.9-inch model is $999 for the Wi-Fi model and $1,149 for the cellular model. The Smart Keyboard Folio is extra, and so is the $129 Apple Pencil.

Bigger, faster, lighter

The new iPad Pro is 5.9 mm thick, making it the thinnest iPad design ever. Both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad have large screens and are smaller than previous generations. While the 12.9-inch edition is 25 percent less volume than the last one, the 11-inch model weighs only a pound. The new iPad also comes with up to 1TB of storage, so you'll have ample room for all your projects. The Liquid Retina display is edge-to-edge and has a variety of features to enhance color and sharpness on your iPad.

The A12X Bionic chip ensures reliable performance. It's built on 7-nanometer technology and can offer a 90 percent boost during multithreaded tasks. All this speed won't hog battery life: The iPad Pro still boasts 10-hour battery capacity, making it ideal for long flights or consistent travel. This new iPad also supports a wide range of AR features through its TrueDepth camera system, so you can use your device to experience cutting-edge AR applications. Finally, the USB-C support means your iPad can double as a versatile presentation tool.

Face ID and security

The latest version of the iPad comes with Face ID, which gives you a secure way to access your device without the hassle of using Touch ID or plugging in a password. Face ID will work in any orientation, as just a glance will allow you to open your device. Face ID can also be used to enable Apple Pay or access to secure apps. For security, Face ID seems to be the main attraction on this new device. Other tablets, like the Samsung Tab S4, offer advanced security features in the flagship software product Knox. While Apple builds in similar features, it doesn't boast a separate offering in this new iPad.

Battery life

The new iPad Pro offers a 10-hour battery life, which is on par with the previous version. While there isn't a major improvement in this area, this is still an impressive aspect of the new iPad. However, for comparison, the Samsung Tab S4 supports 16 hours of video playback and fast charging. It's not clear if this new iPad offers fast charging capabilities.

Apple Pencil

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