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Home Movie Film Reels to DVD

Do you have old home movie film reels in a box in a closet?

Old home movie film that is unviewable due to melting and deterioration
Film warped and starting to dry-rot

Now how old are those film reels? They will not last forever in their current condition. The chemicals used to develop them years ago are slowly eating away at the plastic film backing. Heat, humidity and air all contribute to the deterioration of old home movie film reels. Best way to save them, yep, you guessed it, have Video Doc Productions copy them on a DVD. Today, not tomorrow! Time is your enemy on these as well.

When I first saw these film reels, I immediately knew we could not save them! The customer was heartbroken and had to actually throw them away in the garbage. They were heartbroken!

Please don't wait this long to have your family home movie 8mm film reels converted and transferred to DVD. This reel had about 20 minutes of birthday parties, anniversary parties, wedding and lost family memories from years gone by...all lost forever because they waited too long to preserve them on DVD.

Contact Video Doc Productions today. Don't let that box of old 8mm home movie film reels become garbage material! Call 352-728-0602 or text us at 407-982-3176. You can always email us as well via our contact us page.

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