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Smart iPhone Charging Cord

Have you ever noticed that you iPhones battery lasts less and less time between charges? It can be very frustrating and most charger take forever to charge back up. We wanted something that would protect our expensive phones and we found the McDODO Lightning Bolt Cable. This rapid charging cord will make you comfortable in knowing that when you phone is fully charged, it turns off for you. NO other cable on the market does that.

Smart iPhone Charging Cord

Protects From Overcharging

We all have had those phones that we have left plugged in for too long while fully charged. Our charger Helps protect your battery for not only longevity but convenience.

Rapid Charging 2.4A - 40% Speed Increase

Don't you hate it when you have to wait hours for your phone to charge. The McDODO Rapid Charger with quickly charge your phone and keep your battery safe.

Braided Nylon Cable & Stylish Zinc Connector

No more broken plastic cables, these amazingly strong braided cables are sure to last for years to come and always look great!

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