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Get ready to make calls with Alexa

Alexa by Amazon to soon make phone calls VOIP

Amazon’s hugely popular Alexa virtual assistant is already everywhere, and given her similarities to Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, it was only a matter of time before she ended up connecting our phone calls, too. Whether you are in The Villages or Miami, if you have a wifi signal, you can be making telephone calls too.

A new report from Recode suggests that’s exactly what is in the works at Amazon HQ, and that the company is preparing to debut at least one call-capable Alexa-enabled device by the end of 2017.

The report, which cites unnamed sources familiar with Amazon’s plans, claims that the new Alexa device will allow users to prompt a phone calls just by asking, but could also serve double duty as a long-distance intercom system. The intercom feature would essentially connect two Alexa users wherever they might be, kind of like a streamlined speakerphone.

It’s an interesting concept, but the report falls short of answering a number of important questions about how the calling features would work, including whether or not users will have specific handles, or if Alexa will gain the ability to sync with a wireless number and mobile contact list in order to make the process as pain-free as possible. Amazon reportedly has at least one call-capable device in the beta testing phase.

It’s worth noting that, thanks to last month’s announcement by Motorola during MWC, we already know that Alexa is headed to smartphones. The digital assistant is coming to Motorola’s Moto Z as a snap-on accessory, but will be fully integrated with future smartphones from the company which are coming later this year.

Read the full article here

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