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Bluetooth speaker review: Vintage style and throwback sound

This no-frills wireless speaker looks, acts, and sounds old school.

The Marshall Kilburn is a fun, bold, vintage-style–and vintage sounding–Bluetooth speaker.

“That’s a Bluetooth speaker? That looks so cool,” was the first thing my wife said when she saw the Marshall on our counter-top in Leesburg, Florida. Of the half-dozen or so Bluetooth speakers I’ve had in for review over the past several months, none have struck up as much conversation as the Marshall Kilburn. The only other speaker I’ve had in for review that’s garnered as much attention has been MartinLogan’s sleek Crescendo. Central Florida has a lot of entertainers around the area and could benefit from this type of speaker when performing in The Villages and surrounding Lake County venues.

Fans of Marshall guitar amps will want to know, however, that the company behind the famous Marshall Stack doesn’t actually build this speaker. The amplifier manufacturer licensed its brand to a third party, Zound Industries, the Swedish company behind Urbanears headphones.

But that doesn’t take away from the Marshall Kilburn’s ability to command your attention. It’s old-school style is both retro and edgy. Lifting the Kilburn, you’re immediately taken by it’s density. Something can feel heavy but not bedense. The Kilburn feels totally solid, like the analog amplifier head unit it resembles. That bulk makes the included imitation leather strap, which has a smooth velour underside, all the more useful. The strap attaches to each side with brass-colored buckles and a prominent hex-key rounded screw.

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