Glossary of Terms

1/4 Inch Reel Tapes - Same as Reel to Reel Tapes.

16mm Film - wider film area, more for professional use. Much better images produced.

33 Record - Same as an LP Record.

45 Record - Small 45 rpm vinyl disc used for listening to pre-recorded music or voice.

78 Record - One of the first consumer records available. Some were able to be recorded with a home recorder.

8mm - old film medium where the filmstrip is 8mm wide. Commonly used for home movie recordings.

8mm Videotapes - Fits in a camcorder and can record up to 2 hours. Better quality than VHS and VHS-C

8-Track Tape - It was popular in the United States from the mid-1960s to the late-1970s for listening to music.

Aging & Mold - Deterioration of film

Audio Cassette -  is a magnetic tape recording format for audio recording and playback.

Bad Baths - Chemicals used to process the film caused colors to shift.

BrokenVideotapes- Splice back together two pieces of videotape

Color Fading - The loss of color from home movie film due to age and storage conditions.

Conversion -  Transfer from one type of tape to another or DVD which is long term.

Copy - Duplicate one video or DVD to another

Copyright - Selling for profit another person's property or production (

DIgital Pictures - Camera pictures printed without film

Dirty FIlm - dirt and dust on the film surface.

Duplicate - Same as Copy - Make a identical copy of a DVD

DVD Duplication - Copy one DVD to another

Editing - Electronically cutting and splicing together a new video sequence or event.

Film - Photographic medium used to capture pictures/movies.

Film Problems - cracking, dirt, age, crystalization, fading of home movie films

Film Transfer - professionally preserve old home movie films to a DVD.

Floppy Disc -an older disk storage medium for data, photos, and small files

GIF -  Graphics Interchange Format. Used for short motion graphics.

HD VIdeo- High Definition video. Much sharper picture than standard definition video (SD)

Hi-8 videotapes - Same as 8mm tapes but higher quality. Will only play in a Hi-8 Camcorder (Pre-Digital).

International VIdeo - European or other country origins other than the United States.

JPEG - Most common form of photo file.

LCD Projector- Video Projector - Shows videos and computer programs on a large screen or wall

Lighting - Artificial lamp lights used to brighten a scene while videotaping.

LP Record - Large 33 rpm vinyl disc holding a series of recorded voice and music.

Memorial Tributes - Photos set to music with special effects(See a Sample Here)

Micro-Cassette - a small compact audio recording tape about 2 inches long.

Musical Tribute - Photos and or video set to music to celebrate a person or special event.

Negatives - Reverse images from a film camera

NTSC Videos- American Standard videotape (National Television Standards Code)

PAL Videos- Eurpoean video standard videotape

Photos - Pictures from snap shot cameras.

Pics - Short for Pictures

Prints - Pictures printed on photo paper

Reel to Reel Tapes - 1/4 inch wide used for recording voice and sound. Various recording speeds available.

Regular-8 - old home movie film

Re-Prints - Duplicate photos printed from another original photo

Slides - Positive images shown on a projector

Sound Film - home movie film with a sound track attached to the one side of the film.

Super-8 - old film medium where the film image area is larger and will produce a better image. 

Tape Repair- Splice back together broken videotape. VHS, 8mm, Mini-DV tape formats.

Taping- Same as Videotaping, just shortened.

Teleprompter- a device that projects words onto the front of a video camera for easy reading while being recorded.

TIFF - best form of photo file without compressing the photo pixels.

Transfer - Copy from one format to another  (Example VHS to DVD)

Tribute - Photos or video set to music to represent a person or special event

VHS Videotapes - About One Inch in width and square hard plastic shell about 8 inches ling.

VHS-C Videotapes - Same size as VHS, compact length (approx 4 inches) and must be used in an adapter.

Video Projector- Like a slide projector but shows videos on a large screenor wall.

VIdeotaping - Using a High Definition Video Camera to record an event 

Vinegar Syndrome - film deterioration - shrinkage, embrittlement, and buckling of the gelatin emulsion. (More Info)

Voice-Mail - Telephone messaging service available from cell-phone companies.

YouTube -  A website for viewing videos online

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