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Copy your old computer 3.5 inch floppy data discs to CD-rom.

Video Doc Productions will transfer all your old 3.5 inch floppy discs to CD. Video Doc will transfer the images and data stored on each disc. No matter what type of data you had stored on these small floppy discs, Video Doc Productions will transfer them to a CD-rom for easy viewing again.


Don't expect to get a bunch of data from the old floppies.  They held very little data and only a few photos, back in the day that they were popular.

​Please note, some discs that have proprietary software associated with the data.  They ​may not be transfer candidates due to copyright and type of program associated with the data.



 $15 Minimum,

$1.00 per Disc  plus $15 per CD Burned.


Simple, easy and effective!!

Video Doc Productions is your “Technology Resource Center”.



Contact Video Doc Productions to discuss your next Data Transfer project.

Floppy 3.5mm Disc to CD
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