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Audio CDs Copied to MP3 files on Flash Drives

New cars are now using USB Flash Drives instead of CD's. You can still enjoy your 

audio CDs in the car or truck. Video Doc Productions in Leesburg, FL will copy and convert your audio CDs to MP3 files on a USB Flash drive. Now your music can go with you and it is preserved on a flash drive while your audio CD's are protected at home.


(It is not a good idea to keep CDs in a car anyway due to heat and cold).

Our professional audio CD copy/transfer services provide you with the freedom to

enjoy your music anywhere on any device that supports MP3 audio files.


Number of Discs Base Price:

  1 - 9    $ 10.00 each
10-14    $  8.25 each
15-20    $  6.90 each

21 + Discs $4.95 each

All Orders: 


For track names or sequential CD ripping (by album), an additional charge of

25% of the price applies.   Additional fees may apply based on special requests such as organizing songs in a particular order, custom track cuts, audio editing, noise removal. Minimum of $10.00 per order.

Rush Orders:  Need your CD Ripping done ASAP?

Rush orders available + 25% Rush Fee


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Audio CDs copied to MP3 files on Flash Drive
USB Flash drive for audio MP3 files
Audio CDs for Music and Books.
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