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Do you have an 8-Track AUDIO tape or an 8mm VIDEO tape?

8 Track Audio Tapes

How can I copy my 8-track tape to CD?

Are you still holding onto that one 8-Track tape from your favorite 70's band? You can now have it transferred to CD and enjoy that music again!

Video Doc Productions will transfer your 8-Track tapes to CD. One tape per CD. It is a great way to enjoy your favorite songs again!  Old mix tapes, recordable 8-track tapes, boom box 8-track tapes can be converted and copied to CD.

It  makes a great gift for parents and grandparents!

Each 8-Track tape is recorded into a computer system, volume adjusted, and each track is separated. We run noise and hiss reduction as needed. A maximum of 78 minutes can be recorded to a CD.  Not all 8-track tapes are playable. The tape inside can become dry and brittle and won't move. 


You can determine if your tape will play or not. Look at the tape side. If you can see a felt pad, underneath the tape, then it CAN be copied to CD. If it is MISSING, then it cannot be played.

If your tapes are longer than 78 minutes, they will have to be split-up into two (2) separate CD’s. The name of the tape or subject matter is printed on the face of the new CD. Video Doc Productions can also put your 8 track music on a thumb drive or usb drive for listening in your new car that does not have a CD player in it.

Copy your 8 track tapes onto CDs that play in your vehicle, sound better, and will last a lot longer than eight track tapes ever did!  Each song is broken into its own track.  It is easier to find your favorite song!


Tapes cannot be combined.  Additional CD copies are available.  There are no extra or hidden costs.  All of our CD's are high quality professional audio CD’s. 

8mm Video tapes

Video Doc Productions attempts to give you the best recording to CD  conversion possible. 

​Video Doc Productions does not store any files on site longer than 60 days. We suggest getting additional CD copies made with your order as a back-Up. At Video Doc Productions, each order is done with complete care.


​Contact Video Doc Productions today to discuss your next 8-Track tape conversion. Ask about Audio Cassettes and VoiceMails to CD.

8 track tapes coied to USB Thumb drives
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